Thursday, February 26, 2009

Checkers @ Bukit Damansara

Checkers was nearly empty on a recent evening! Once upon a time, we couldn't get a table without reservations. But the food is comfortingly still fabulous.

"Stinky rose" (garlic in olive oil) with bread.  Not bad for snacking.

Porky's Best. Pork ribs and tenderloin with corn on the cob, mashed potatoes and veggies. I can't find the words to do justice to the ribs _ marinated and cooked to perfection, the meat easily falls off the bone. The tenderloin was terrific too _ thick and luscious. Gawd, even the salad was exemplary.

Porky's Wild Ice Cream. A one-of-a-kind combo of vanilla ice cream, rum (I think), lychee, nuts, cendol and cincau. We scooped up every last bit and could happily have ordered another serving!

Bukit Damansara.
Tel: 2095-3305


  1. oh yum. The food is excellent here, although i must say it lacks ambience.
    being a fan of mash, i love the mash here. yum.

  2. seems like ur pictures got the same bluish "feel" to it..

    horrible lighting for food pics..but awesome food

  3. carolyn: oh yeah, i forgot to praise the mash!
    joe: actually it's me and my camera's fault ... i'm a bad photographer who owns a verrrrrry basic digital camera... :D

  4. Checkers empty? When was THIS??!! It looked like you must have gotten there pretty early!

  5. no la..refer to my entry...

    colour just as BAD!

  6. shucks, this place is a stone's throw away from where i am, and i've never been!

  7. 550ml: yeah, i think we were there at 6.30 pm and left within an hour... it was a tuesday or thursday ... so maybe we missed a late crowd.
    joe: you're right! but it's undeniable that your photos are much, much better than mine la!
    fbb: there must be a good reason why you haven't checked it out!