Friday, February 27, 2009

Bondi Beach @ The Curve

Taking the place of Colonial Times on The Curve's first floor boulevard, Bondi Beach serves decent grilled fare (though the seafood outshines the meat).

Prawn pinwheels. Most of the seafood items tasted relatively fresh.

Yabbies and scallops with sweet fruit chutney.

Grilled eggplant rolled with mozzarella and drizzled with pesto sauce.

Lamb with Bondi BBQ sauce and gratin dauphnoise.

Bondi Surf & Turf (beef, chicken, prawn, tenggiri fish and squid with lemon butter and pepper sauce). The beef was reaaaaaally tough.

Oyster shooter.

Leconfield Synergy Chardonnay and Shiraz.

Screaming multiple orgasm and watermelon juice.

Bondi Beach,

The Curve.


  1. looks like no beef and plenty of prawns eh?

  2. for a moment, i turned greeeeen with envy after seeing the title....thinking, wah, someone's really living it up.

  3. joe: thank gawd for that. the beef that we did order on the surf & turf skewer was as tough as leather!
    fbb: haha, i wish ... but no la ... after all, this blog is called eat drink KL ... so i'm geographically restricted...

  4. Wow... what a nice restaurant and the food looks delish :)

  5. it's worth checking out, though there are better outlets elsewhere in this mall. :D

  6. u didn't ask for it! :D