Thursday, February 26, 2009

Red Square @ Capsquare

The best time to visit Red Square is between 5-9pm for excellent cocktail deals.

Lotsa finger food here, but the salmon bruschetta tasted as sad as it looked.

Blueberry crepes, which seemed somewhat stale.

Nevermind, their cocktails are the real reason to come here. The Splash R&B comprised smirnoff raspberry and lime topped with schweppes tonic and crushed blueberries. It's 1-for-1 at happy hours for this.

Flaming Red Square, which is basically a flaming lamborghini.

Red Square,
Tel: 2692-2310


  1. u & ur flaming lambos, hehe. u shd start an album of all ur flaming lambo piccies from various outlets around town...

  2. i'm cutting down on them already! :D

  3. 1-for-1 happy hour sounds about right given the theme... friendly to the working class wallets. The secret socialist in me rejoices!

  4. the places u go certainly have the most interesting names...

  5. 550ml: heheh, i didn't think of that! :D
    fbb: the credit goes to their proprietors!