Friday, May 19, 2017

Steaped @ Pavilion

Speciality tea sometimes seems to take a backseat to coffee & boba milk varieties in Malaysia, but Patrick Wong & Trevor Chung have made it their mission to help change that. Both men currently live in Canada (though Patrick is Malaysian-born), but their new tea boutique, Steaped, is taking root in KL first, with outposts in Pavilion & Sunway Velocity Mall that serve as one-stop hubs for spirit-reviving beverages & retail accessories.

For casual customers, the ideal introduction to Steaped rests in its range of signature iced drinks that rely on teas from multiple continents, sourced from the likes of Japan, Taiwan & South Africa, blended with fruits, juices & spices to produce harmoniously balanced refreshments. The extensive selection spans categories of green or black, matcha, rooibos or herbal - interesting orders include the Silly Ole Bear, which partners green tea with orange juice & hibiscus extract (RM11 for a regular size), Blazin' Orange, with black tea, lemon & orange (RM11), Coco For Matcha, with high-grade matcha & coconut milk (RM13), Sweet Apple Pie Rooibos, with rooibos, apple juice, cinnamon & nutmeg (RM12), Butterfly Lemonade, with herbal tea, butterfly blue pea & lemon (RM12). Each beverage we sampled proved fun & enjoyable, with clear, clean undercurrents of tea.

But our favourite feature of Steaped is its repertoire of more than 50 loose-leaf blends, which can be served hot, cold, sparkling, or as lattes. The scent-erpiece is the showcase of varieties that patrons can sniff before making a choice, with engagingly nuanced aromas that promise new horizons of complex flavours. Select a blend - Yerba Mate, Fujian Milk, Misty Peppermint, Roasted Brown Rice & Nutty Banana, to name merely a few - then have it prepared here, or bring a batch home; prices range between RM10-RM25 for 40 grams, which should suffice for up to 20 cups. Our thanks to Steaped for having us.

Pavilion: Level Six, P6.06.00
Sunway Velocity: Fourth Floor, Lot 4-82 & 83

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  1. All the way from Canada? I wonder how much those iced drinks would cost there.

    1. Suituapui: pretty affordable for the canadians, i'd bet! :)

  2. This is good especially for the warm weather.
    Hey, I think that it's cool they have these available. I like to bring home what tastes good especially tea.

    1. Lux: yeah, our hot and humid climate in southeast asia demands relief with chilled beverages! and tea is pretty refreshing :)

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