Eat Drink KL: Ken-Chan Burger, NU Sentral

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Ken-Chan Burger, NU Sentral

Better known for its Japanese curry dishes, the Ken-Chan mall-based restaurant brand is now spinning off burgers too, with fun Japanese and Korean flourishes.

The Japanese BBQ Beef Burger is our best bet - instead of a patty, this is stuffed with terrifically tender, thinly sliced beef, gyudon-style, savoury and slicked up with spicy mayo. It's all meat, no filler, a tasty cross between a burger and a sandwich (RM22).

The Curry Fish Burger is worthwhile too, featuring a thick, fresh and flaky fish fillet, crispy on the outside and moist within, spread subtly with a mild Japanese curry sauce for comforting creaminess (RM17.99).

The Spicy Korean Chicken is probably the one we'd skip - the spicy-saucy deep-fried chicken cutlet is fine, but regular Korean fried chicken might nonetheless be more addictive (RM17.99).

Ken-Chan Burger
Level 3, NU Sentral Mall, Kuala Lumpur.

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