Eat Drink KL: Ned & Nat Croisserie

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Ned & Nat Croisserie

Ned & Nat Croisserie promises pastry pleasure in many hues - its All In One Box of 16 pastries (two of each kind) costs only RM29.90 for a splash of rainbow-coloured cheer.

The basic butter croissant is light, airy and flaky to the touch, retaining a fresh and enjoyable texture even after delivery. 

The other croissants mainly carry their flavourings on their surface. The most potent is the matcha croissant, while other varieties - such as coffee, cookie, strawberry and charcoal - are less distinctively pronounced.

The box also includes other European-inspired favourites like the Pain au Chocolat, more densely laminated than the croissants, with a chocolaty centre, and the Custard Strudel, crispy-creamy sweet perfection with a dusting of icing sugar.

To order, WhatsApp 011-6314-9797

Ned & Nat Croisserie:

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