Eat Drink KL: Hungry Bear Bakehouse

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Hungry Bear Bakehouse

Hungry Bear Bakehouse boasts more than the bare necessities for cookies, offering eight different varieties for delivery.

The Plain Soft Cookie is representative of these cookies, a buttery, well-refined treat that's mildly crisp to the bite, soft and crumbly to the chew.

Other varieties include the savoury-sweet Peanut Butter & Jam, the multi-textured Marshmallow & Chocolate, and the Matcha Cookie, with its unmistakable uplift of green tea.

If matcha isn't your preferred shade of green, try the brighter, sweeter Pandan Kaya, with a rich centre of coconut jam. Our favourite, though, is the tried-and-tested classic, the Chocolate Chip, with large chunks of chips that make this a true crowd-pleaser.

There's a cookie for everyone from Hungry Bear, from the fruity-jammy Strawberry & Custard to the Chewy Chocolate, a gluten-free choice that lives up to its munchy name.

Hungry Bear Bakehouse
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