Monday, June 12, 2017

Techtropical Cocktail Bar @ Budapest, Hungary

A taste of old Malaya in Budapest? Sort of - this cocktail bar that couples jungle fierceness with hipster modernity serves up specialities like the Gin Pahit, a favourite of Malaysia's colonial past, marrying gin with angostura bitters, made nuanced with nutmeg, cardamom & cloves.


  1. This old city with the ancient charms is in my bucket list too.
    It is interesting to see the plant with real fruits hanging there! LOLOL
    The fresh pineapples must be costing a fortune there.

    1. Twilight Man: heheh, they probably can use the pineapples for juice, so it's all good! :) but yes, budapest is a city to fall in love with :)

  2. Cocktails are my favourite drinks. Their unique taste tickle my taste buds. This looks like a lovely cocktail bar to try out. The country images are a delight to sight.