Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Using Uber in Penang & Dubai

It's been more than three months since we began using Uber to take us to our destinations safely - everywhere, everyday - throughout the Klang Valley. Encouraged by our experience, we felt confident about relying exclusively on Uber when we went out of town twice in September, in Penang & Dubai. Here are some thoughts on why Uber turned out to be the right choice.

1. Using Uber in George Town is more affordable than expected.

We took Uber to every restaurant, cafe & kopitiam in Penang that we visited for three days - the total cost of our transport expenses was below RM100, easily shared among three of us. George Town is pretty compact, so most of our Uber rides cost only several ringgit - a worthwhile price to pay for efficient, hassle-free travelling.

2. Using Uber will save you time & effort in George Town.

Everyone's on a tight schedule while travelling - we had more than a dozen venues to visit in George Town. Uber spared us the stress of searching for parking - a scarce commodity on Penang's narrow streets - if we had been driving ourselves, or of looking for places to hail a cab, or of waiting for buses & figuring out where to stop before walking to find our destinations.

3. George Town's drivers are really nice to out-of-towners!

Penang is still new to Uber, which launched here this year. Based on our interaction with George Town drivers, they're enthusiastic, positive & happy to chat with out-of-town riders, sharing their thoughts on where to go & what to eat. Most of our rides only lasted 10 minutes or so, but nearly every driver managed to make us feel warmly welcome in Penang.

And Dubai?

1. Using Uber abroad is a smooth, seamless experience.

The transition from using Uber in KL to Uber in Dubai is entirely effortless, thanks to Uber's well-honed international network & capabilities - simply open the app & request your ride as usual. The ride is charged in the local currency of the country you're visiting. If you're accustomed to using Uber in Malaysia, you'll find it an absolute breeze in Dubai & many other cities overseas.

2. Uber's standards remain reassuringly high outside Malaysia.

Using Uber in Dubai provided us with a consistent reminder of everything we like about Uber. The comfort, the ease, the efficiency & safety - it was all there in Dubai. We found rides promptly across the city, we could relax in our passenger seats, & we were never late for appointments. Dubai was a pleasure to visit for an extended weekend, & Uber made it even better.

3. No more worries about planning for public transport & currency in a foreign land.

No more poring over Metro maps to figure out which train route to take, no more fiddling for change to buy tram tickets. Uber relieves some of the logistical bothers of exploring a foreign city, making it convenient to reach Dubai's malls & creeks & to savour the city's wide-ranging food. And you'll still get a flavour of the city in the car, with one-to-one personal interaction with your Uber driver - the guys we met were mostly friendly & filled with tips about what to try (we loved the camel burger, Atif!).

Keep in touch with Uber wherever you are! Follow Uber in Penang on Instagram at @uber_pg & Uber in the United Arab Emirates on Twitter and Instagram at @uber_UAE

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  1. Uber is getting a lot of negative response here in Montreal especially from the taxi drivers. They say it is taking away a lot of their business. I have never used it, though, but then again, I don't even take taxis, just the bus. :)

    1. Linda: if you ever do try Uber in Montreal, i hope you'll find it to be a pleasant experience too :)

  2. Totally for Uber, mostly because on the rarer than hen's teeth occasion that I would need to take a cab, the driver never seems to have change one :P

    And how else could I get to Paradigm's KLIA bus service at 4 in the morning because I'm too cheap to pay the cab midnight surcharge for the short ride from my house? :P I was just glad there was a driver out at 4 in the morning... :P

    1. SC: four in the morning? heheh, i guess that's the advantage of living in an area where drivers constantly roam :D but yeah, i'm glad there are consistently more drivers now ... it's past midnight and i just fired up my app at home and there are still two drivers nearby :)

    2. The guy was on his way home when he took my ride at 4 in the morning, so yeah, really lucky that time.

      With the SPAD takedown (don't get me started), I suppose more drivers is a good thing..

    3. SC: luckily he didn't need to send you all the way to KLIA when he was wanting to return home! :) i've met more than a few drivers in the past few days though who are jittery and worried about the uncertainty, and they've been trying to take precautions ...

  3. If I lazy to walk or buy too much, I'll take Uber to bring me home.
    I had to meet my friend in Uber, he is Uber's driver, very surprisingly!

    1. 十六: ya, it's interesting to meet the different people who drive for uber! including some very friendly people that i've been happy to chat with :)

  4. I think Uber has been taking over our commuting experience. :)
    Wow you've been traveling a lot lately.

    1. Lux: yeah, i only drive a few times a month now, so my car's idle on most days :) september was a memorable month :)

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