Saturday, July 5, 2014

2014 Durian Trio Mooncakes & Mid-Autumn Poon Choy by Tai Thong

Mooncake-lovers keen to enjoy an early start this year can head to Tai Thong, where these seasonal sweets are now conveniently available at all branches, from Bukit Bintang to Petaling Jaya, Cheras to Subang. Tai Thong's master chef has created new flavours galore, particularly fruity ones that make for refreshing treats.

Fans of durian can have an absolute field day here; Tai Thong triumphs by offering not only one, not merely two, but three types of real-durian mooncakes, each of them with distinctive tastes & textures. Thanks to the fine folks at Tai Thong for this sampling.

Start with the mildest snow-skin, the D24 Durian, ideal for beginners as well as patrons who might not prefer a pungent dessert.

The intermediate mooncake: Red Prawn Durian, made with creamy, custard-sticky flesh. The D24 & Red Prawn mooncakes are sold exclusively in a 'Durian Duet' package costing RM88 for four mooncakes (two each of D24 & Red Prawn in every package).

The Emperor of Tai Thong's king-of-fruits selection: Imperial Musang King Royale, filled with flavour & fragrance. RM88 for two pieces, a premium delicacy. It's a limited-edition mooncake, so call up your nearest Tai Thong outlet to reserve this before heading over; there's a strong possibility that stocks could run out before the Mid-Autumn Festival in September, as Tai Thong claims to rely on only top-flight batches of durians carefully chosen for quality.

Not an admirer of durian? No worries; numerous other varieties are available. We like how the mooncakes here taste less sweet than expected; even though they're not officially marketed as reduced-sugar mooncakes, Tai Thong confirms that the chefs have taken healthier-eating concerns into consideration while creating these halal mooncakes. It's worth noting also that Tai Thong's mooncake prices have also remained the same as last year.

Interesting concoctions include this year's newest flavour: Dragon Fruit paste with pandan-tinged coconut flakes & single yolk. RM16.50 per mooncake, RM66 for four. 

 Honey-laced grapefruit paste with a mixed-nut stuffing of almond flakes, sesame seeds, winter melon seeds & dried fruits (RM16.50), a creamy-crunchy combo that could appeal to a wide range of customers.

Snow-skin temptations range from honey lemon grapefruit to red bean to lotus paste, all satisfactory in smoothness.

Tai Thong has one more trick up its sleeve for Mid-Autumn feasting: Poon Choy is available starting now until Sept. 15.

Chock-full of ingredients; this is the smallest serving, meant for six people. Families & friends can share hearty pots brimming with prawns, dried oysters, roasted duck, pig trotters (substituted with fish at Tai Thong's no-pork branches), poached chicken, fish maw, mushrooms, fish balls, tian jin cabbage, lotus roots, beancurd sticks, white radish, celery & broccoli.

 The Prosperity Poon Choy is offered as part of set meals that start from RM298++ for six people. The six-person set also includes individual servings of double-boiled village chicken with truffle soup (or braised crab meat, conpoy & fish lips soup), fried brown & white rice with pine nuts (or stewed yi mian with mushrooms), & a dessert of chilled lychee with sea coconut (plus a complimentary mooncake of pre-selected flavours). Customers can also take home the beautifully crafted Poon Choy claypot.

 Tai Thong branches include Royal China outlets in Bukit Bintang (as well as Ipoh & Kota Kinabalu) & Imperial restaurants in Subang Jaya, Cheras, Petaling Jaya & Bandar Puchong Jaya.

2014 Mid-Autumn Mooncakes & Poon Choy by the Tai Thong Group

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  1. AnonymousJuly 05, 2014

    Good grief!!! It's not even the Hungry Ghost month yet, the 7th. I used to buy Tai Thong a lot, their sugar free or low sugar ones. These days, I don't buy much - too expensive. May be a couple to eat to uphold the tradition, that's all.

    1. Suituapui: heheh, fans of mooncakes, rejoice! :) yeah, hopefully you'll enjoy your batch of mooncakes this year :) btw, it's worth noting also that Tai Thong's mooncake prices have also remained the same as last year, no change in prices :)

  2. Warm ambiance and artistic displays.

    1. Linda: i do like those touches too :)

  3. huhu, i sure love the durian mooncakes~

    1. Happy walker: ideal for fans of durian :D

  4. Oh my.... that durian mooncake looks awesome!

    1. Ken: hope you get to try it at the tai thong outlet nearest to you :D

  5. No chance yet to eat the "real" durian, durian mooncake also can lah!

    1. Choi Yen: yeah, durian mooncake can sometimes be tastier than durian, heh :)