Friday, May 9, 2014

The Happy 8 & STG Tea House @ Ipoh

Instead of being trapped inside malls, many of Ipoh's most popular new eateries are lovingly set up in culturally fascinating shop-houses & bungalows that now have a new lease of life, such as The Happy 8 ...

... & STG Tea House, both of which work well for visitors seeking brunch or tea in serene settings.

The Happy 8 is a cafe & boutique hotel in a two-storey streetside building that was a residence dating back to the early 20th century before it was turned into a swiftlet farmhouse for harvesting edible bird's nests. Previously crumbling from age & neglect in Ipoh's Old Town, its timber floors have been reinforced & its interior has been filled with local hardwood & bamboo furnishing.

This is now a welcoming retreat that dishes out everything from chicken chop with Japanese curry (RM24) to vegetarian pizzas & mango puddings.

Vietnamese black coffee & a regular ol' latte (both RM12.90, pricier than expected).

The Happy 8's desserts are supplied by the increasingly ubiquitous Free Mori.

Less than a 15-minute drive away, there's STG Tea House, nestled in a two-level refurbished residence with magnificent white walls & pillars, rattan chairs & a sprawling courtyard garden that all exude old-world elegance.

 This spacious restaurant's initials stand for Sabah Tea Garden, a Malaysian plantation; its specialities include salads tossed with tea dust & tea vinaigrette (RM15) ...

... that can be paired with tea macarons ...

... & a green tea latte (with premium Japanese matcha, the menu states; RM11).

Sabah Tea, brewed to order with Spritzer mineral water.

The Happy 8
46 Jalan Market, Ipoh, Perak
Tel: 05-243-8388

STG Tea House
2 Jalan Taman Kinta, Taman Chateau, Ipoh, Perak
Tel: 05-255-0188

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  1. Ooooo....lovely places, so colonial. Elegant, classy. Ooooo...the wooden windows!!! Food looks good.

    1. Suituapui: yay, glad you like the ambiance here :)

  2. I absolutely love tea, Sean, and this place is just beautiful!!! I love the calming decor and colours, very soothing and inviting. I love everything about this place!!! I hope to see more tea houses in some future posts. :)

    1. Linda: i'll definitely keep a lookout for tea houses! am glad you enjoyed looking at these pics :)

  3. These places look like they have a lot of character. STG looks like a great place to spend a lazy, leisurely afternoon sipping tea and eating cakes.

    1. Baby Sumo: ya, true, history & heritage, a nice combination :) yeah, we were hopping around, so we only managed to spend an hour at STG, but it was a pleasant hour :)

  4. The desserts look great! I like the environment of this place too! Thanks for sharing, shall look for it for my next trip down :P

    1. Ken: glad you like them, and hope you have a great trip the next time you're in Ipoh :)

  5. Planning to stay at Happy 8 the next time I'm in Ipoh. It's quite a central location. RM24 is a bit steep for Ipoh & for that portion isn't it?

    1. Rebecca: oh, hope you enjoy Happy 8! the owner showed us the rooms, and they were interesting in terms of decoration, though there wasn't much natural sunlight for the rooms we saw. location-wise, yeah, it works well. though you're right, the food prices were high ... hotel prices, kinda :)