Monday, January 9, 2012

DiB Coffees of Hawaii

Malaysia's first gourmet coffee cafe run entirely by hearing-impaired staff members _ except for the chap who answers the phone.

DiB Coffees of Hawaii (DiB stands for "Deaf in Business) is a chilled-out suburban hangout that furnishes pastries, cappuccinos & more. Its display counter is lined with simple sandwiches & sweet treats such as passion fruit cheesecakes (RM6 per slice).

This pineapple-macadamia cake proffers a pleasantly fruity flavor, though its texture leans closer to that of a crumbly, chewy scone, instead of something more predictably moist.

DiB's coffee boasts air-flown Hawaiian beans cultivated in rich volcanic soil. The Ka'u Loa dark concoction delivers a nutty aroma, rounded out with tinges of chocolate, raspberries & cherries.

"Anu" shake ("anu" means cold in Hawaiian), with espresso, caramel & vanilla. Might feel a little too icy for folks who like their milkshakes extra creamy.

Not crazy for coffee? Try the 'tisane' _ herbal tea, made from milling the coffee cherry husks of the Kualapu'u plantation for an antioxidant-loaded brew with less caffeine than decaf. Varieties include mellow-yellow Papaya Leaf Vanilla.

Also refreshing: tropical beverages, such as this bright-hued blend of grenadine, orange & pineapple juice, nicknamed Lani (Heaven) Paradise.

Complimentary bags, currently for customers who spend above RM20.

Trained baristas & baking professionals helm the place, so that standards are assured.

And no worries; communication with the fast-moving, smile-generous service team is a breeze.

Wishing we were here! Hawaii, that is.

DiB Coffees of Hawaii @ Damansara Perdana,
11A, Jalan PJU 8/5A, Damansara Perdana.
Open daily 7:30am-10pm.


  1. Wow...quite unique n interesting beverages here...just saw an article on them in The Star...thumbs up for them :D

  2. I love their idependence attitude. It is not end of everything if u r disable. GOOD...

  3. Ulric: yeah, though actually, for someone like me who's rather ignorant about coffee, all coffees taste similar! :D
    Simple Person: ya, the service team here were all much more cheerful and efficient compared to many other restaurants! =)

  4. This should be a good place to hang out after class..So busy after class started..Haih~~

  5. Lifestyle_Kl: heheh, take a break from your studies here, or drop by this place to study while sipping coffee :D

  6. great stuff! but were u buzzing from the coffee?

  7. Ciki: heh, not really, but i NEED some coffee now! woke up too early this morning and am feeling so sleepy! :D

  8. Independence (and independently-run cafés) rock!

    Why did you wake up so early this morning har?

  9. Kenny: yep, i'll be sure to visit your independently run cafe when it opens! (make sure got dishes that suit my palate) and the second question, i'll answer on your blog :P

  10. Mine may not have food at all! (I'm inspired by a café I visited in Shinjuku which only served 3 drinks - coffee, tea and green tea - and nothing else! Sheer minimalism at its best!)

  11. Kenny: yay! means we can smuggle popcorn into your cafe (since you serve no food) :D

  12. Popcorn? It depends... must be real good popcorn cos the entry fee would be a couple of kernels of said popcorn. If it were the stuff you got at Sunway Pyramid... ugh. :P

    P.S. Who did you give the two packs of wasabi and chocolate popcorn to, in the end?

  13. Kenny: oooh, i dumped the popcorn at the house of a person i visited the next day. dunno whether it's being eaten or thrown into the trash can :D

  14. Hawaii not in my travel list, but I would like to visit DiB Coffees of Hawaii. :P

  15. CK: i wanna go hawaii! but i don't think i'll ever get the chance. expensive, heheh =)

  16. "run entirely by hearing-impaired staff members _ except for the chap who answers the phone" - made me LOL!
    Hehe.. I'm sure to be here for cakes! DP is more my area too :)

  17. rebecca: heh, yeah, i had been wondering who would answer their phone, since there's a land-line phone number listed on their card! =)

  18. I read about this spot in the newspaper and wanted to go, but your photo of the passionfruit cheesecake above has moved the cafe much further up on my hit list. :-) I've had good experiences with Hawaiin coffee too.

  19. You're a serial popcorn dumper! :P

  20. The Yum List: oooh, i can't recall if i've had hawaiian coffee before this. truth be told, i can't tell hawaiian beans from, say, brazilian ones! =)
    Kenny: better to be the dumper than the dumpee! :D

  21. This place deserves much applaud. Looking forward to many more of such establishments. It proves that the disabled are indeed capable of being independent unlike many able people who prefer to be disabled in some way or another:P

  22. Missyblurkit: yeah, very admirable. hopefully they do very well here. it's quite a peaceful but isolated street at night...

  23. you've written about the place. that is good publicity for them:D

  24. OMG!!! that guy in the first photo has a mono boob. And in a later photo, a similar looking guy has boobs that are not equal in size!

    Sean, sorry, I've been missing a lot of your posts :p

  25. Missyblurkit: heh, i hope so! =)
    Rad: eeeeks, heh, i didn't really notice those portrait details until you mentioned it! =) and no worries, you really don't need to read or comment on every post; it's totally OK :D

  26. Hehehe I don't know either why I focused on that hehe

    So did you practice the sign language?

  27. wah hawaiian coffee. must try soon after i come back from rome

  28. Rad: heh, i tried to practice 'thank you,' but i think i did it wrongly! :D
    Eiling: heheh, from rome to hawaii! it's an internationally flavored month for all of us =)

  29. Omg... I'm so curious what the wrong gestures you made meant. It could have meant, "the food was not so nice!"

  30. Rad: heh, i'm not sure. but i've always considered sign language pretty tricky/difficult, cos i'm not good with remembering gestures & executing them :D

  31. HAHA what a cute place to have a cup of coffee! But never knew that Hawaii was famous for their coffee! The last time I went there, I didn't try any :(

  32. Vien: ooo, the promotional pamphlet here says Hawaii is the only state in the u.s. known for growing coffee. Dunno how far that's true though, heh =)

  33. Good, you wrote good post here. :D

    I also helped them to promote it to my Deaf and hearing friends via my blogs and facebook. ;)

    Selina Wing

    1. Selina: yep, here's wishing them all the success they deserve =)

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