Saturday, January 7, 2012


It's astonishing that Akari has survived for longer than three years, considering the place seldom seems to have more than two or three occupied tables.

Nevertheless, the food here is indisputably good. Our favorite starter: the creamy avocado & tobiko salad with wasabi sauce.

More avocado _ this time, a sensational sushi topped lavishly with it.

Scallops with mentaiko & mayonnaise, swimming in savory succulence.

Inventive makis are among Akari's attractions. This Solaris Roll features salmon, asparagus, cucumber & crab sticks, topped with Hokkaido scallops & tobiko.

Cyatapira Roll, with eel, cucumber, avocado, bonito flakes & teriyaki sauce.

The bar stays open till past midnight, so head here if you're seeking serenity in the late hours.

Bohae Bokbunjaoo, a Korean raspberry wine best known for being featured at the 2005 official dinner of the APEC leaders' summit.

Akari Japanese Kitchen Bar,
Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6203-6885


  1. The dishes actually look inventive and good... How come it's so empty? :(

  2. Yea agree with Kenny, the dishes look good. Is it cos of location or high pricing?

  3. Why do you always eat nice? Hahaha
    Ahhhhhhhh no wonder you're not excited about your birthday because your days have always been so exciting already! They just couldn't get more exciting! I mean you eat nice foods every single day! OMG

    Btw, the first photo is pretty cool looking. I like the look of the restaurant taken from that angle. I just like the photo. The holes in the wall to the right which should be windows I guess.

  4. Why's the restaurant empty? High price?

    Maybe it's owned by some shady character guy who uses it to launder his ill-gotten gains ... that would explain why the restaurant is still going after 3 years!

  5. Kenny: hmmm, maybe there are just too many japanese eateries in the whole solaris mont kiara-solaris dutamas-mont kiara-hartamas district. competition so fierce, it's scary =)
    Baby Sumo: the pricing seems average for japanese food, but the location could be better. it's on the first floor of a shophouse. it's kinda difficult to notice it, and parking can be inconvenient...

  6. Rad: heh, actually i'm not excited about birthdays cos i don't enjoy the thought of aging, heheh =) ooo, i think those are actually wall lights, not windows. but ya, the decor of the restaurant is interesting. almost like a cavern :D
    Timing: i guess it's a combination of factors, but too much competition & not an easily noticeable location/signage & awful parking are a few reasons. heheh, that's an interesting explanation you have though! =)

  7. Korean raspberry wine:D yummeh!

    Food looks delightful but what you say about location and all could be an issue. But perhaps some of these places depend on their regular faithful big spending clients?

  8. Missyblurkit: ya, or maybe they also might have a strong lunch crowd that I'm not aware of. Three years in business is definitely a respectable accomplishment, considering so many other outlets at Solaris mont kiara have come and gone...

  9. Korean raspberry wine! You just made my weekend to-do list! I also love the omnipresence of avocado here. Will make it a point to visit, shady source of survival or not!

  10. Min: yay! Gosh, I hope this place is still alive and kicking today. I always half-expect that the next time I drive into Solaris mont kiara, I'd see that it's shuttered its doors permanently!

  11. Do visit an Indonesian restaurant heheh. A very good one if not the best one in KL, if there is heheh

  12. The avocado serving's pretty generous compared to most Jap restaurants! I love the creaminess it adds to the sushi;) yummmmm....

  13. Rad: i will try! hopefully sometime in the next couple of months :D
    Vien: oh yeah, avocado is like a miracle ingredient, isn't it. it works well in japanese food, in western salads, and even though it tastes sinfully creamy, it's healthy! heh =)

  14. Rasberry wine - is it sweet? Forget the food, the wine could be enough excuse for a visit.

  15. The Yum List: oh yeah, it works as a dessert wine, though it's still light enough to pair reasonably well with salads & rice dishes :D

  16. Korean raspberry wine is the only thing tht caught my attention.
    LOL. and looking thru the comments it looks like most of your other readers' too!

  17. Tng: oh ya, when I saw it on the menu, I knew I'd be ordering it! Though I'm not sure I'll ever order it again. It's refreshing, but other alcohol goes better with food =)