Eat Drink KL: Summer Sweet Time

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Summer Sweet Time


Summer Sweet Time promises the pleasures of Persian-beloved cakes and cream puffs, channelling the charm of an Iranian bakery for all seasons.

The Napoleon Cakes are irresistible - fresh, thin layers of puff pastry, beautifully flaky to the bite, soaked and smothered with whipped cream frosting for mouthwatering layers of crispness and moistness. If you're storing them, these taste even more indulgent a day later, when the pastry soaks up the cream. Available in Original (RM35 for eight pieces), Chocolate (RM40 for eight), or both (RM38 for eight).

The cream puffs are a dream too, with crunchy choux yielding to a full-bodied creamy centre, lovingly home-baked. The classic clocks in at RM32 for 16 pieces; chocolate is RM48 for 16; a mix is RM40.

A sampler box comprising Napoleon cakes, cream puffs, and Latifeh soft cookies is available for RM75.

Summer Sweet Time
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