Eat Drink KL: Sabrozu: Pang Susi Deliveries

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Sabrozu: Pang Susi Deliveries

The Malaccan Eurasian speciality of Pang Susi comes to the Klang Valley, courtesy of Sabrozu, delivering this Kristang community favourite of sweet potato buns stuffed with chicken or sardines. 'Sabrozu' is Kristang for tasty, which Pang Susi is.

These beautifully golden, buttery-rich snacks slice cleanly for moreish munching. The chicken is a chunky crowd-pleaser, while the sardine balances fishy creaminess with the spice of chillies for heartwarming, homemade flavours (four pieces for RM10; 10 pieces for RM24, with a minimum order of RM20).

Sabrozu delivers Friday-Sunday out of Kota Damansara.
WhatsApp 012-314-0436

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