Eat Drink KL: Burger Blek, Sri Petaling

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Burger Blek, Sri Petaling

Sri Petaling's saucy, spicy new take on fried chicken deliveries is battering up a storm of succulence.

Burger Blek's chicken is crowd-pleasing - crunchy-battered thigh meat, conveniently deboned, sandwiched in burgers (RM10.50) or served on their own ( (RM12.90 for two pieces, partnered with three sauces).

The secret weapon is Burger Blek's trio of sauces - the Devil's Hot Sauce fans the flames, the Holy Cheese Sauce promises creamy indulgence, and the Secret Black Pepper Sauce tickles the taste buds.

Burger Blek

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