Eat Drink KL: YEES Yogurt: New Branch in Sri Petaling, Ice Cream Series & Matcha Drinks

Sunday, September 27, 2020

YEES Yogurt: New Branch in Sri Petaling, Ice Cream Series & Matcha Drinks

Three months ago, we visited YEES Yogurt Malaysia for the first time, checking out its then-latest branch in United Point Kepong. The Australian-born yogurt beverage brand is now fast spreading across the Klang Valley and expanding its offerings to include new temptations.

This time, we headed to Sri Petaling for YEES Yogurt's latest KL outpost, seeking a taste of this venue's exclusive yogurt ice cream series and the brand's recently launched matcha beverages.

The Sri Petaling branch offers outdoor dining after 6:30pm every evening. Enjoy the wide-open views of the night sky in a calm, breezy green space flanked by lantana flowering plants to complement your indulgence of yogurt desserts and drinks. Thanks to YEES Yogurt Sri Petaling for these images of its nighttime setting.

YEES Yogurt in Sri Petaling introduces an exclusive ice cream series to its extensive menu of premium Bright Cow milk-based yogurt beverages. The ice cream is fun for fans of frozen yogurt, created from the same yogurt as YEES' beverages.

Customers have a choice of original yogurt ice cream, or strawberry yogurt ice cream (flavoured with real, ripe strawberries), or both!

These ice creams are creamy and dense, lightly tangy and not too sweet, topped with combinations of freshly cut fruit and crowd-favourite ingredients. They're alluringly available in four tropical-treat flavours at YEES Yogurt in Sri Petaling: Happy Summer (yellow peach, honeydew, Australian strawberries, New Zealand kiwi, Oreo and jelly), Summer Love (dragonfruit, honeydew, Australian strawberries, New Zealand kiwi, crushed Oreos and jelly) Mummum Melon (honeydew, Australian strawberries,  and wafer roll) and Romantic Bite (purple rice with crushed Oreos). If you love pairing yogurt or ice cream with fruits, this will be a delicious dessert or refreshment at any time of the day.

Also new, but available at all YEES Yogurt branches, is a double dose of matcha yogurt drinks, unfused with imported Japanese green tea. The Matcha Date Yogurt beverage features fresh, fruity undercurrents to buoy the mild bitterness of green tea (RM15.90), while the Matcha Red Bean Yogurt provides the pleasurable chew of red beans to perfectly pair with the matcha yogurt drink for a classic combination (RM15.90).

The new items complement YEES Yogurt's wide lineup of products, spanning the popular purple rice yogurt drink to its bird's nest yogurt beverage series and an array of fruit yogurt thirst-quenchers.

If you're a regular at YEES Yogurt, check out the free membership programme, where you're eligible for free drinks after securing at least 150 points. The brand also offers small cakes and a free drink for folks celebrating their birthday at YEES Yogurt (call in advance to book).

Many thanks to YEES Yogurt Malaysia for having us back.

YEES Yogurt
Lot 15 & 16, The Store Jalan Radin Tengah, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur. Daily, 11am-12am.
Check out and for the full list of branches.

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