Eat Drink KL: Pin Shan

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pin Shan

Pin Shan has taken over Zhen Shan Mei's location at SohoKL, replacing Taiwanese fine-dining with creative Chinese contemporary cuisine.

Omega egg with black pepper foie gras sauce & lumpfish caviar. Can't go wrong with a luscious steamed egg that features a runny yolk and texturally diverse accompaniments; we'd have happily slurped up a dozen (or more!) of these.

Chicken liver & gizzard with pickled veggies. A treat for offal-lovers like us; the liver was soft but not slimy and flavorful without being foul.

Grilled squid with sea urchin sauce. Absolutely addictive; the coating tasted like a milder version of salted egg yolk sauce, adding a creamy savoriness to the nicely springy squid.

Deep-fried prawn & foie gras roll. Another hit; moist, succulent prawns, encased in crisp, thin bean curd skin that wasn't oily at all. The foie gras sauce was a wonderful touch that boosted this with a fresh layer of luxury.

Shanghai-style crispy eel & salted fish. A crunchy snack. Nothing more, nothing less.

Pan-fried crispy soft shell crab. Meaty chunks, perfectly battered in sinfully rich butter egg yolk paste. So much easier to eat than regular crabs (OK, OK, that's like comparing apples with oranges, but still...).

Village chicken with chef's sauce. Smooth and fairly flavorsome, but bony.

Pan-fried Matsuzaka pork shoulder with fresh "huai shan." The only undeniable flop; the pork was terrifically tender, but it was soaked in an overpoweringly salty BBQ-ish sauce that ruined each mouthful.

Chalk Hill Blue Semillion Chardonnay. Alas, wines don't come cheap here. No bottle is priced below 150 ringgit. Not sure what corkage charges are.

Pin Shan Private Collection Cuisine,
SohoKL, Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. That's some fancy steamed egg... :P

  2. lfb: egg deserves to be treated like royalty! it's the cleopatra of any cuisine! :D

  3. well dont think the food bit cost too cheap either..prices to compliment the wine?

    the food does look good too, very hotel-like chinese food with a bit of flair.

  4. And you sure consume many a Cleopatra, whatever cuisine she may reigning over! :P

  5. maybe the trend now is to make the egg as expensive as possible with all the foie gras and caviar. Maybe sharks fins is next! haha... anyways rare to see you dining at a chinese restaurant but this is not too chinese either.

  6. Lovely blog. =o)

  7. Chicken liver & gizzard with pickled veggies. A treat for offal-lovers like us.. and ME! LOL

    the battered crab looks over battered .. but i'll take ur word for it;)

  8. "Private Collection Cuisine" - now that's an innovative branding strategy, I would say!

  9. joe: oh, the food prices are not too scary. equivalent to, say, the ming room at bsc...
    lfb: but i'd much prefer to be consuming a mark antony :P
    eiling: heheh, i still eat chinese food at least two or three times a month. been avoiding shark fins for awhile though, but i guess i'll succumb eventually...
    shortgirl: thanks very much!
    ciki: join my facebook group page: offal ain't awful! :D
    pureglutton: i hope it works for them! :D

  10. Hmm, considering how little we know of your personal history, you have already had a Mark Anthony or two in your past. :P

  11. So fast changed oredi? It must be something about Solaris SohoKL, quite a number of establishments are closed now. Seems like Dutamas is thriving at the moment.

  12. Chis! I've not even been to the former restaurant and something else has come and taken over it. I'm so sloooow. Put food bloggers to shame only!

  13. lfb: eep, u make me sound like some shadowy figure with a shady past! in truth, i might be a conundrum, but i'm not an enigma! :D
    babe_kl: ya, it feels only two or three restaurants at sohokl are really doing well (though i've never been here during lunchtime, so maybe there's a bigger crowd during the afternoon)...
    qwazymonkey: slow and steady wins the race! but this outlet is worth checking out, if u're looking for some slightly different dishes :D

  14. Enigma. Wasn't that both a 90's Vertigo comic and a New Age-y band?

  15. lfb: i'm only familiar with the band. i can even sing you their gregorian chant from 'return to innocence' if you like! :D

  16. Yikes. Uhm, no thank you? :P

  17. lfb: perhaps in my previous life, i WAS a gregorian monk. that would explain why i can easily adapt to my current period of chastity :D