Friday, February 25, 2011

Ben's @ Pavilion

Launched this week at Pavilion, Ben's marks another milestone for the BIG family, which already includes Plan B, T Forty Two, Canoodling & For Goodness' Sake at Bangsar Village.

Ben's replaces The C. Club on this mall's sixth floor. It looks completely refurbished, though it retains the al fresco terrace where customers can sip cocktails overlooking Bukit Bintang.

The menu seems extensive enough to excite everyone from an 80-year-old grandmother to a kindergarten student. We were in the mood for something relatively healthy, so the "deconstructed Thai beef salad" proved irresistible, featuring tender, meaty slices of grilled beef with a cornucopia of nuts, basil leaves & shallots.

Portions here are whopping. This platter comprised luxuriously succulent chunks of ox tongue, resting on a bed of crisp watercress and soft, smooth potatoes with dill mayo.

Tenimenti Prosecco & Beach Bummer '85 (vodka, orange, guava syrup, apple juice).

Peanut Butter & Jam Smoothie and Scarlet Citrus (vodka, mint, apple, blood orange syrup).

Prices won't bruise the wallet too badly; a filling meal with drinks can be had for RM30-50.

Ben's (Another Bright Idea by BIG),
Level 6, Pavilion Shopping Mall,
Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. this is really a bright idea! good concept and nice food.

  2. Cis. Eat salad then wash it down with cocktails?? = Not so healthy really. :P

  3. Eiling: oh yeah, pavilion definitely needs a place like this. am looking forward to more meals here =)
    J: heheh, but the cocktails contain orange and apple juices! Anyways, I'm just very grateful they serve booze :D

  4. BTW: When are we Fu Kua-ing? :) Free next week?

  5. J: yay, sure! at last, our long wait is over! heheh. lemme e-mail you this afternoon ya (I know I've got one of your mails from 2009 in my archives) =)

  6. t42 is opening at the intermark! i had tea at t42, the one at bv2 and spotted carmen soo! some model was throwing some bash or something.

  7. michelle: ya, am looking forward to the t42 at intermark too! wonder if it'll be more similar to the t42 at bangsar village or the one at subang's empire shopping gallery. heheh, i'm terrible at local celebrities; i especially wouldn't recognize any models :D

  8. Oh! I wanna try this one! ;p

  9. Tng: save room for desserts, cos they've got lotsa cakes and sundaes here! :D

  10. wow...foods look yummy, must try it 1 day. Thanks for sharing! ;-)

  11. agnes: hope you enjoy it! :D