Saturday, June 27, 2009

YO! Sushi

One of the better Japanese eateries to be found in a KL shopping mall, though that might seem like faint praise.

Salmon sashimi marinated with citrus juice, dill and sesame oil, served with shredded cucumber. A tad too sour.

Blanched squid with red onion and mizuna leaves, dressed with kimchi sauce.

The makis here are all variations on a theme; some taste nearly identical.
Salmon Dragon Roll has salmon, crabstick, avocado & shichimi chili powder.

Subtly different is the signature YO! Roll containing salmon, avocado & tobiko.

Eel Dragon roll comprising unagi, hand-picked crab meat, avocado & shichimi.

Smoked salmon, cheese and cucumber maki. Creamy AND crunchy.

Soft shell crab, Japanese pickles, tobiko and chilli mayonnaise.

Battered prawn, avocado and tobiko. Best if the prawn is freshly prepared.

YO! Sushi,


  1. AnonymousJune 27, 2009

    great to see a review of yo sushi in's mine review of the same sushi chain, but in Dublin :) the ones in KL are more interesting I thought!

  2. The yr known for their "innovative" offerings..but I feel that the taste is a tad sub-std.

  3. adel: tnx, yeah the sushi here wasn't super-fresh either, but passable...
    nomad: yeah, definitely inferior to the "real" japanese restaurants, but better than sushi zanmai and sakae sushi, i think...

  4. this has gone dwnhill ever since they dropped prices and opened shop a while ago..

  5. uh-oh ... looks like i might be the only person who still thinks it's OK ... :D