Monday, June 8, 2009

Oasis @ Flamingo By The Lake, Tasik Ampang

This gorgeous lakeside Japanese restaurant still seems like a well-kept secret.

Get a table in the gazebo to guarantee a splendidly romantic, mosquito-free evening.

The ambience is the attraction, not the food. The assorted sashimi was average.

Yaki Torikawa (grilled chicken skin). This looked more like deep-fried chicken skin. But it was reasonably tasty, without being too oily.

Flamingo By The Lake,
Tasik Ampang.


  1. Wow, great find. I've not been to Flamingo for a long long time. Can't believe it was the lake where the Ampang Yong Tau Foo was located long ago.

  2. u guys stopped at sashimi and deep fried chicken skin?

  3. Looks like there's generous outdoor space... thinking about this for something for work... HMMM. Oooh green tea... you're making a statement of some sort, I think, but I'm too hungover to decipher it today :-P

  4. boo: ampang yong tau foo? gosh, that must have been way before i came to kl...
    joe: heh, the menu was kinda boring, so we headed elsewhere for a second dinner...
    500ml: hmm, it could work for company functions. yeah yeah, i know there's been a lack of entries with booze recently. :P

  5. food doesnt seem too good? i can't "feeeelll" the enthusiasm from ya!

  6. AnonymousJune 09, 2009

    how coincidental...

    lau pok jia

  7. nomad: yeah, i can't praise the food. though i can't really criticize it either.
    lpj: yeah, interesting. prefer your pics though.