Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bunga Emas @ Royale Chulan

Malay fine-dining is becoming like "cendawan lepas hujan" in the city. Bunga Emas is the latest member of a crowded family comprising Bijan, Enak, The 39 Restaurant and Ibunda.

It's still extremely quiet here, probably due to lack of publicity. But service is courteous and the food is good, even though the menu lacks sufficient variety.

Ulam with sambal belacan, sambal colik and acar buah. The spices certainly aren't toned down; the sambal belacan ignited our tastebuds like wildfire.

A tasty rice platter comprising nasi briyani, ayam mentega jintan (chicken in butter cumin gravy), daging masak cabai kayu manis (braised beef tenderloin in spiced cinnamon gravy), rusuk kambing masala (baked lamb saddle in masala gravy) and ikan botok kelapa (steamed fish in coconut chilli wrapped in turmeric leaves).

Ciku Gulung (ciku strudel with macadamia ice cream). This fusion dish might infuriate purists, but how could one not enjoy this? It's ciku!

Thankfully, alcohol is available (only wine though, no cocktails).

Bunga Emas,
Royale Chulan Hotel.


  1. Wow, they even serve alcohol. That is red wine I suppose?

    Hardly see Malay food so nicely presented, very tempting. Would love to try the ciku gulung, sounds new to me.

  2. i totally agree- how can anyone not like ciku?! :P
    it's about time fine dining Malay hit the streets. I would gladly tell my foreign friends about this plc.. but i guess, first , I should eat here! nice post.

  3. haha the alcohol looks so out of place!
    am very intrigued by the ciku roll

  4. sugar bean: yep, red wine! not sure what's the best kind of alcohol to go with rendang though..
    ciki: yeah, but the main problem is that the menu here is really, really limited for now... there's only ONE choice for the main course!
    klreporters: it's close to your office, so u can pop by anytime after work! :D

  5. Do you get to pick what dishes to go on the rice platter or does it come set like that?? I could use a sambal assault now, to blow away these nasty post-holiday symptoms!

  6. nope, it's a fixed set. no other options.
    ice cream is a better cure for those blues! :D

  7. aiyoo..sambal & tht ciku thingy..i want..but how to go there jz for tht??

  8. might actually be ok, you know ... with so few customers right now, they'd welcome you even if you just order a little! :D